Canadian miner nominee for the Board

In connection with Botnia Exploration Holding AB (publ) acquiring the Swedish subsidiary of Hansa Resources, Hans A. Resources AB, Hansa becomes one of the major owners of Botnia Exploration.

By that, it has been proposed that John Nugent, Chairman of the Board in Hansa Resources, takes a seat as member of the Board of Directors in Botnia Exploration Holding at the ordinary shareholders’ meeting on 28 May, 2010. A majority of the owners in Botnia Exploration Holding are favourably disposed to this proposal.

John Nugent has a background as lawyer and financing expert. He has had leading positions in a number of companies both in Canada, Africa and Sweden. At present, Nugent is involved in a number of exploration companies worldwide.

”Having John Nugent in the Board of Directors will be an asset for Botnia Exploration. He will contribute much, especially in connection with financing issues. This will be an important piece in our future expansion of Botnia Exploration”, Bengt Ljung, CEO of Botnia Exploration Holding AB (publ), says.

In addition to John Nugent, Botnia Exploration will also engage another two advisors to the Advisory Board of the company; Michael Hudson, CEO of Mawson Resources, partner of Hansa Resources, and Mark Saxon, CEO of Tasman Metals. They both have solid experience of the exploration industry.

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