Mining Inspectorate

The Mining Inspectorate (Bergsstaten) is the authority in Sweden that handles and decides on matters relating to exploration and exploitation of minerals.

To be allowed to explore a land area, an approved exploration permit from the Mining Inspectorate is required, which gives exclusive rights to undertake investigations, access to the land within the specified area and precedence right to an exploitation concession.

An exploitation concession entitles the holder to have disposal of a mineral deposit that has proven to be worth mining. An application for exploitation concession shall include an environmental impact study. The concession is normally granted for a period of 25 years, but can be extended.

In the description of Botnia Exploration’s project portfolio, information about the exploration permits and exploitation concessions that Botnia Exploration holds is included.

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Reporting rules

SveMin (association for mines, mineral and metal producers in Sweden) and FAERI (Finnish Association of Extractive Resources Industry) have adopted joint rules for publication of information about mineral projects. Botnia Exploration complies with these rules.

To ensure that the set of rules are followed, there are so called qualified persons approved and accredited by FRB. Göran Petersson, partner and active in Botnia Exploration, is one of these persons.

More information about the reporting rules is available at


NI 43-101

NI 43-101 is a Canadian set of rules that constitutes the foundation of the reporting rules adopted by SveMin and FAERI (see above). The set of rules states standards and requirements for the information to be included in applications and other external information. In addition, it is stated what information, which may have an impact on the share price, that must not be made public.

More information about NI 43-101 is available at