Press release: Estimated mineral resource in Fäbodtjärn

The company can after the conducted core drilling program, which includes 30 holes of in total 5585 m, present an estimate of the mineral resource in Fäbodtjärn. The deposit is estimated to contain 210 kilo tonnes, with an average content of 7.1 g/t Au; tonnage is classified in its entirety as an inferred mineral resource.

The gold mineralisation in Fäbodtjärn appears in a nearly north-south-striking continuous quartz vein with a width varying between 0.5 and 3 m. The vein dips approx. 55 degrees to the west. The vein has been traced approx. 160 m in the strike direction and can be followed approx. 300 m at depth. The quartz vein is close to the contact between a diorite and meta-sediment. The gold occurs mainly as free gold, preliminary concentration tests show that large quantities of the gold can be extracted by gravimetric methods.

All analyses have been made at the accredited laboratory ALS Global with Fire Assay, method Au-AA26, which in some cases has been complemented by Au-GRA22.

A block model following the quartz vein has been created with 16*16*2 m blocks; sub-blocks down to a ¼ of a side length have been used to better fit the geometry of the vein. The contents of the blocks have been calculated by Inverse Distance, with the exponent 5 to preserve local variations. The compositing is made in 0.5 m sections and a top-cut of 20.00 g/t Au has been used. Cut-off for the modelling has been 0.0 g/t Au; that is, non-mineralised inclusions have been allowed to dilute the mineralisation. The density is adopted to 2.67 tonnes/m3.

A preliminary mining operation plan prepared by Botnia shows that the deposit has potential to be mined economically.

The estimate of the mineral resource in Fäbodtjärn has been made by Mining engineer Thomas Lindholm, GeoVista AB, independent consultant and by SveMin registered qualified person (QP), in co-operation with Frank van der Stijl, chief geologist at Botnia Exploration and by SveMin registered qualified person (QP).

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