Press release: New exploration permit for tungsten approved

Botnia Exploration Holding (BOTX) AB (publ) reports that the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden has approved the exploration permit Sellmansberget no. 1, located near Storuman in Västerbotten. This tungsten project was discovered already in 1977 and diamond drilling was started in 1979 by SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden). In total, 22 boreholes have been drilled.

The mineralization consists of numerous interesting lenses, but drilling has so far only been made on a few of the lenses. Historical calculations of the size of the mineralization have been performed by SGU, estimated to 240 000 tonnes mineralization with a content of 0.22 % WO3 down to 100 m of depth and with a cut-off of 0.1 %. Calculations with higher cut-off, and thereby higher average content, will be shown within short.

Further drilling of the remaining lenses and anomalies is planned for.

SGU ended the exploration in the end of the 1980s, when the tungsten price dropped dramatically because of price dumping on the market. At the same time, the only tungsten mine in Sweden, Yxsj

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