Press release: New gold finding

Botnia Exploration Holding (BOTX) can announce that the company has found two boulders of potential gold mineralization north-east of Vargbäcken, within the since earlier approved exploration permit of Botnia.

In parallel with this work, intensive exploration activities are on-going and at this moment preparations to apply for another four to five exploitation concessions are in progress, which later may result in new test minings. Within the exploration area, close to Vindelgransele, outcrops with high content of gold (5 metres of 8 g/tonne) have been found.

”One of the strengths in our projects is that they are all suitably located from an infrastructural point of view, which facilitates a possible future economical ore mining. Our vision is to quickly grow out of the so called junior company group and to be able to commercialize by ourselves, by being active in the operational work” Bengt Ljung, CEO of Botnia Exploration, concludes.

Well known Canadian miner and financer elected to the Botnia Exploration board of directors

At the shareholders’ meeting on May 28, 2010, John Nugent from Vancouver, Canada, was elected as member of the board of directors of Botnia Exploration. John Nugent has long experience as lawyer. In addition to that, he is also a very experienced financer and miner, with experience from North America, Africa and Europe/Scandinavia. Nugent is chairman of the board of Hansa Resources Ltd, listed on the Toronto stock exchange.

In his live broadcast video speech from Vancouver, John Nugent said: ”To have the opportunity to participate in the fast development of Botnia Exploration is extremely exciting and stimulating. With the strong and professional board of directors of the company, in combination with the project portfolio of some 40 high quality exploration permits, I am convinced that Botnia quickly will take the step from being a junior company to a profitable company. This will likely be proved already by the end of the year, when the test mining can be started in Vargb

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