Press release: Rights issue oversubscribed with approximately 15 MSEK

On Tuesday, November 30, 2010, the subscription period for the rights issue in Botnia Exploration Holding AB ended. The new issue of shares was oversubscribed with approximately 15 MSEK. 204 856 101 new shares were issued and by that approximately 31 MSEK, before issue costs, was raised to Botnia. Because of the high degree of subscription by virtue of subscription rights (96.5%), only a few of the persons that have applied for shares without preferential right will be allotted shares. There will be no allotment to guarantee subscribers.

Subscription in the new issue:

Approximately 96.5 percent of the new issue volume – corresponding to 197 782 425 shares – were subscripted by virtue of preferential rights and approximately 51.3 percent – corresponding to 105 053 861 shares – were subscribed without preferential rights. CEO Bengt Ljung, Torbj

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