10 golden facts

  1. Gold is an element, it consists only of gold and it is not a mixture of other substances.
  2. The Latin name of the gold is Aurum and means morning redemption. Hence, gold has received its chemical designation AU.
  3. Gold is one of the heaviest metals (almost twice as heavy as lead). If you fill a 1 liter milk package with gold, it would weigh almost 20 kg.
  4. The value of gold is determined daily on the major metal exchanges in London, Tokyo and New York.
  5. In air weighs 6-7 times as much as sand and gravel do. But under water, weighs 10-1 1 times as much as sand and gravel do.
  6. The gold content is measured in carat or fine. Pure gold is 24 karat or 1000 fine. If the alloy contains 75% gold, the gold content will be 18 carats, it is 75% of 24 karats.
  7. In theory, all the gold ever broken, about 186 700 tons, if molten and cast into a mold, would be included in a 21.3 x 21.3 x 21.3 meter cube.
  8. Gold is extremely stretchable and one gram of gold can be drawn to a 100 meter long thread with a thickness of only 0.0001 mm.
  9. Gold conducts electrical current and heat, reflects light and is not attacked by air and water.
  10. A gold clump – Holtermann nugget – found in Australia, weighed more than 285 kilos, or which 214 kilos were pure gold.