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Press release: Estimated mineral resource in Fäbodtjärn

The company can after the conducted core drilling program, which includes 30 holes of in total 5585 m, present an estimate of the mineral resource in Fäbodtjärn. The deposit is estimated to contain 210 kilo tonnes, with an average content of 7.1 g/t Au; tonnage is classified in its entirety as an inferred mineral resource.

Botnia takes the next step – planning start of small-scale gold mine

(AktieTorget: BOTX). The Botnia Exploration Board of Directors has decided to proceed with the pre-studies for the Fäbodtjärn gold deposit, with the objective to develop and mine Fäbodtjärn under its own management. This decision means that Botnia takes a major step from being a pure exploration company to having the ambition to develop the company into a producing mining company with good profitability.

Final report strengthens the opportunities for profitable mining operations in Fäbodtjärn

(AktieTorget: BOTX). The final report from LTU on the process mineralogical investigation shows that a very high yield is possible with only gravimetric methods. A gold yield of 90% with simple gravimetric methods supports our view that a cost-efficient concentration and mining of Fäbodtjärn not only is possible; it also shows the great potential this area has to become Sweden’s next gold mine. The company now continues the discussions regarding how this area as soon and as cost-efficiently as possible can become a producing gold mine. The company has, as previously communicated, initiated the necessary permit processes required for a test mining permit and an exploitation concession.

Norrlandsfonden makes long-term investment in Botnia Exploration

(AktieTorget: BOTX). As previously announced in a press release on June 13, 2014 Botnia Exploration has concluded an agreement on a financing solution consisting of a bridge loan in combination with a directed issue of shares of in total 5,000,000 shares to a few of the company’s main shareholders. In addition to these main shareholders, also Norrlandsfonden has decided to participate as financier of both a bridge loan of 1.5 MSEK and a convertible loan of 1.5 MSEK or in total 3.0 MSEK.

Press release: Promising test concentration of the Fäbodtjärn quartz vein at LTU

Botnia Exploration’s board of directors decided in spring to investigate the characteristics of the Fäbodtjärn gold mineralisation with only gravimetric concentration and without any chemical additives. Due to the proven high gold contents of Fäbodtjärn, it is probable that concentration will be possible to perform with only gravimetric methods. Such a process would considerably reduce the cost per tonne, but also future investments in a concentration plant.

Press release: Application for test mining permit for Fäbodtjärn

The board of directors of Botnia Exploration Holding AB has decided to instantly prepare an application for a test mining permit for the gold mineralisation Fäbodtjärn in Vindelgransele, Västerbotten. As a consequence of the decision by the board of directors, the discussions with an international partner on co-operation regarding a joint exploration in the Vindelgransele area have ended.

Press release: Botnia Exploration – Annual meeting bulletin

Yesterday, on May 8, 2014, the annual meeting of Botnia Exploration Holding AB (publ) was held. Below is a summary of the decisions made. All decisions were made with the required majority.

Press release: Promising results from bottom moraine sampling in Vindelgransele area

(AktieTorget: BOTX). All analysis results from the extensive bottom moraine sampling in Vindelgransele this winter have now been received from the laboratory. Several samples taken south of Fäbodtjärn (Fäbodliden C) and south of Middagsberget contain increased contents of gold and of other substances indicative for gold mineralisation.

Press release: Interim results of bottom moraine sampling in Vindelgransele area

(AktieTorget: BOTX). In parallel with the evaluation of known mineralisations and deposits; Vargbäcken, Middagsberget, and Fäbodtjärn (Fäbodliden C); Botnia has continued to generate new targets for gold exploration. Botnia’s prospectors have during three years made several new findings of gold-bearing boulders in the Vindelgransele area, which together with historical findings point at new areas for further exploration.

Press release: Botnia Exploration signs letter of intent

(AktieTorget: BOTX). Botnia Exploration Holding AB has signed a letter of intent with a major international mining operator, with the intention to start negotiations to produce an agreement regarding exploration co-operation in the Vindelgransele area for the exploration permits Granselliden no. 2, Granselliden no. 3, Stenberget no. 3, Forsheden no. 1, Forsheden no. 2, Ekorrberget no. 1, and the exploitation concession Vargbäcken K no. 1.