Botnia Exploration is an exploration company focused on precious and base metals in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Our company was founded in spring 2007 and has evolved rapidly since then. A large number of licenses for exploration have been sought and received by the Mining Inspectorate of Sweden (Bergsstaten).


The strength of our company is the organisation. The management group and the part owners have long experience from exploration/geology, complemented by extensive and broad competence in business management, with the mine industry as common base. All our geologists, technicians and management have a knowledge base that can be compared favourable with the most qualified companies in Scandinavia. It may be noted that a number of the mine projects that are currently in the establishment phase have been found by our geologists. Their experience is invaluable and provides a foundation for correct decisions in the evaluation of new projects.

Geographical market

When the company was founded, the aim was to also include the very interesting area of Bergslagen. However, the activities have been concentrated to northern Sweden, with projects ranging from H

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