Press release: Leading tungsten specialist contributes to commercialization of tungsten project

The Board of Directors of Botnia Exploration Holding AB (publ) has engaged Professor Olle Grinder, an internationally leading expert in tungsten, to the advisory board of the company. The objective of this recruitment is to assist the management of the company in the international commercialization of Botnia Exploration’s tungsten project.

After graduating from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Grinder has worked with different types of powder metallurgical projects; for example, development of industrial applications of powder metallurgical materials such as tungsten and hard metal, market surveys, business development and different research and development projects. Grinder has a very wide international contact network.

Olle Grinder is in parallel with his own consultancy company, PM Technology AB, also active as docent at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, since 1984.

About tungsten

Tungsten, chemical symbol W, atomic number 74, is a very rare chemical element. The content of the element in the earth crust is only about 1 g/t. There are also only low concentrations of the element in the hydrosphere and biosphere of the earth. The concentration in sea water is only approx. 0.1 mg/t.
One of the most characteristic qualities of tungsten is its high melting point, 3422

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