The man with a Goldfinger

Bengt Ljung previously held executive positions at major companies such as Atlas Copco and ABB. Now he has retired and created euphoria on the stock market with his mining company Botnia Exploration.

Botnia Exploration is listed on Aktietorget, where the share price at the time of writing is 0.16 SEK.

By that, the value of the entire company is estimated to 70 million SEK (0.16 SEK multiplied by 540 million shares).

Only since Botnia’s most recent deposit Forsheden was announced, the share price has increased from 0.12 SEK. gets hold of Ljung between his negotiations with an Australian mining company and interviews with other journalists.

And he believes there is potential for further rise in value.

– I have compared the value of Botnia with other notes mining companies, Ljung says.

– Based on that, I would not be surprised if it was found that Botnia is worth three times as much as 70 million SEK.

– It’s stupid not buying our share at these price levels.

Ljung himself today owns 8-10 percent of Botnia Exploration.

He was the one who founded the company three years ago.

Among Ljung’s first measures was to give as many Botnia shares as he had himself (43 million shares) to each and one of three of Sweden’s absolutely best geologists, who know how to find valuable ore deposits.

It was the geologist G

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